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Hybrid Arc System
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For R&D and Scriber, small tools
Shank tool ø10x70mm 60pcs
nserts ø20x6mm 300pcs
▸ Using a round disk target without machining (127mm diameter)
▸ fixed rotation table
▸ Uniformity: 3 axes x 135mm H
▸ Pulse bias and turbo pump application
▸ Check the automation system and real-time graph
▸ System size: 2M(L) x 1.5M(W) x 1.8M(H)
[i40A: DLC system]
▸ Normal Arc DLC Coating
▸ excellent adhesion
▸ Excellent surface roughness (Ra, Rz)
[i40S: UBM sputter system]
▸ Target size: 203.2mm x 127mm x 12mmt