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Based on excellent technology and experience in manufacturing various equipment, all employees work hard towards the future with one mind to become the best in their respective fields. It is a venture company that is taking a leap forward.

APIS Co., Ltd. is a technology innovative company that specializes in manufacturing various PVD (Physical-Vapor Deposition) devices using Ion Plasma Technology. We developed CD mass production equipment and exported it to excellent companies in China and Japan to receive recognition for technology and quality. We are also developing and supplying DLC ​​mass production equipment, and as a next-generation item, industrial ion beam irradiator technology using ion beam was transferred from Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute to develop large-area polymer industrial ion beam equipment and various We have the ability to manufacture mass-production automation equipment that can be applied to application fields.

In order to improve the quality of products and improve cost competitiveness, APIS Co., Ltd.
Through continuous technological development, various plasma sources, specialized thin films and other vacuum components have been developed to provide various We promise to strive for the best customer satisfaction through the best service to meet the needs of our customers.

thank you.

all employees